3 Hiking Ideas for Children

26 juillet 2017

Although summer holidays go hand in hand with fun and relaxation, they can quickly turn into a puzzle for parents looking to entertain their toddlers. Luckily, Québec is full of sites especially designed to please the younger crowds, where adults can have a really good time too! Here are three sites to visit this summer for a great day out with the entire family:

Strolling at the Speed of Light, La Malbaie

This three-kilometre guided excursion joins the useful to the pleasant by offering your children an educational path combining astronomy with hiking. Along the river, this beautiful trail offers an introduction to geology science, as well as a reproduction of the solar system.

Strolling at the Speed of Light, La Malbaie

Kabir Kouba under the Stars, Wendake (Capitale-Nationale)

The Kabir Kouba waterfall offers a dazzling getaway that allows hikers to meet a variety of historical and ghostly characters from the past, while discovering the nocturnal wildlife, all this accompanied by experienced guides.

Kabir Kouba under the stars

Arbraska Rigaud’s Park, Montérégie

Here, you can reach the summit of Rigaud mountain for the simple pleasure of admiring the view, or benefit from the many activities that Arbraska Rigaud presents, including aerial courses, mega ziplines and GPS rallies, so that young and old adventurers can test their skills!

Arbraska Rigaud’s Park, Montérégie
Arbraska Rigaud’s Adventure Park, Montérégie

What are your favourite places for hiking with your children? Share them with us!