GV Snowshoes is the foremost manufacturer of snowshoes in North America and the only one in the world to produce every type of snowshoe available on the market, from traditional wooden snowshoes to cutting-edge aluminum snowshoes. Combining a tradition of excellence that goes back to its aboriginal roots with advanced high-tech know-how, GV produces and assembles most of its products in its own Canadian manufacturing plants.

Listening to consumers and seeking out new technologies and materials, GV creates constantly evolving products to meet the functional and recreational requirements of snowshoeing enthusiasts.

Since 1959

What does it meen GV?

What does it meen GV? The Wendat Huron reserve has always been recognized for the quality and reliability of the traditional snowshoe models they were producing. Many companies such as Gros-Louis Snowshoes, which was owned by Mr. Antoine Gros-Louis and started manufacturing in 1959, have been in operation for a long time. In 1982, Mr. Maurice Vincent partnered with Mr. Antoine Gros-Louis and the GV brand name was created (Gros-Louis & Vincent). In 1983, Mr. Maurice Vincent became the soul owner of the company and it was named GV SNOWSHOES.

  • In 1983, acquisition of Huron snowshoes company
  • In 1984, acquisition of Aigle Noir snowshoes company
  • In 1985, acquisition of Kabir Kouba snowshoes company

GV Snowshoes is one of the most important manufacturers of snowshoes in North America and the only designer-manufacturer to produce all types of snowshoes available in the market today.

For over 50 years GV Snowshoes has maintained a tradition of excellence in the production and servicing of snowshoe products. GV operates a complex of three manufacturing plants totalling 60,000 square feet and exports to 15 countries and 3 continents.