See the many different features that fit the specific needs of snowshoers.

Rambus buckle

Ratchet buckle for an effortless adjustment of the bindings with or without mittens, release mechanism with wings

Luxor buckle

Simple and easy-to-adjust ratchet buckle, release mechanism

Energy Saver

  • Patented rigid pivot bar
  • Eliminates any twisting of the foot
  • Best lateral rigidity among all aluminum snowshoes on the market
  • The back of the snowshoe always maintains contact with the ground

Energy Saver Soft

  • Semi-rigid pivot bar
  • Reduces snow projection behind the legs
  • The back of the snowshoe maintains contact with the ground

Hi Flex

  • Ultra-light pivot band
  • Allows the snowshoe to follow the movement of the foot


All GV decking can resist extreme temperatures down to -50˚C. Entech™ decking is lighter in weight and provides better resistance against abrasion.

New decking fastener system
Now on all our snowshoes

  • Superior durability
  • Prevents friction on decking bottom
  • Limits premature wear
  • Generates 50% less plastic waste

Aerolite Frame

Lightweight aluminum

Crampons Snow

Crampons Polar

Crampons Outdoor

Comfort Fit binding

  • Soft and cushiony, with multiple attach points for better comfort
  • Large and textured footrest for a better footing
  • Tapered tip for optimal foot placement

Ergonomic binding

  • Large and textured footrest for a firm footing
  • Flexible for a good adjustment

Kid harnesses (style 109)

  • Textured footrest for a firm footing
  • Easy adjustment to two possible lengths
  • Also suitable for traditional snowshoes

Alligator harness

The new Alligator harness is designed to let you fully enjoy your sport, with quick and easy adjustments.

Step-in Harness

Perfrect for runners, hikers or workers, the harness firmly locks on the snowshoe thanks to a locking device easy to operate with gloved hands or poles.

SPIN bindings by NORTHWAVE

The laces of the SPIN binding are made out of DYNEEMA PLUS POLYESTER which is very resistant to abrasion. This fabric is often used for climbing rope.

Power lift system

Heel Stabilizer system