3 high-coloured landscapes in Quebec

September 14, 2016

Autumn is certainly the best season to set out and be lost in the abundance of colourful landscapes here, in our regions. It’s the perfect time to wrap ourselves up in wool sweaters and to travel throughout Quebec seeking superb panoramic views, where red and orange shades are highlighted as of the last few weeks of September.

Are you a hiking enthusiast? Don’t miss out on these idyllic spots to fully enjoy the fall season which is just about to begin!


The Parc national du Mont-Orford has one of the finest foliage in the province. Whether you’re going for the Orford summit itself, along Des Crêtes trail or for a walk at l’Ours, there are a wide variety of magnificent viewpoints to help you appreciate even more the lovely fall colours.


Timeless and faithful, Mont-Tremblant welcomes you all year long with a large number of outdoor activities for the whole family. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy the rustic landscape and mountain scenery offered by the splendid tourist resort. Why not combine trekking with panoramic gondolas? – For a breathtaking overview.

Haut Maskinongé

Like nowhere else, Mauricie experiences the warmest, the brightest and the most vivid colours of autumn. Indeed, Maskinongé provides the most spectacular views by offering unparalleled places, the most well-known being Sacacomie Lodge and Le Baluchon Eco Resort.

Are you ready to explore the four corners of Quebec and find the most beautiful autumn colors? Send us your favourite locations to hike this fall!