3 Reasons for Trekking Poles

June 22, 2016

Far from being only currently fashionable, hiking or walking poles carry out a broad range of enabling roles. Walking is good for our health, but carrying backpacks, working on steep gradients and rocky ground are less natural for the human body.

Using trakking poles in the woodsIn short, stop the excuses and have your poles ready! After all, who can say no to go further, faster and longer? Here are 3 good reasons to purchase your first trekking poles.

To help sooth your joints

It is essential to minimize the impact and the burden on joints, especially on knees, if you want to fully enjoy your hiking experience.

To reinforce balance

Two extra points of contact with the trail is obviously more efficient – it makes sense. You will be less likely to slip or to fall as well.

To reduce fatigue

By using your upper body muscles, you will significantly prevent stress in your legs, especially if it’s over a long distance.

Different brands, types and styles of poles are available on the market. You’ll be spoilt for choice! Is this accessory already part of your hiking equipment? Share your favourite models!

Trekking poles are useful in the woods

Images sources: outdoorgearlab.com & prepforshtf.com