Enjoy Hiking in the Rain? Yes, it’s possible!

April 6, 2017

All hikers love to practise their favourite sport under a sunny sky and a mild temperature, don't they? Unfortunately, poor weather conditions are common, especially at this time of year. The rain, in particular, is often part of the game. But there’s always a way to deal with what Mother Nature drops on us and even enjoy our hikes under rain showers! Here’s how:

Trees are your best friends

Choose wisely for the path you want to walk on a rainy day. There is no point in going on an adventure for hours to reach a mountain top while its sight will be blurred. Opt for a short hike in the forest, ideally on a marked trail.

A nice hike under the raine
Source: 500px.com/natta

Choose the right clothes

Be sure to bring a rain cover, or a shell, that covers you completely (maybe, including the backpack!). Loose, waterproof and breathable, it’s equipped with sleeves and micro-welded seams to keep you dry. Complete it with a mountain jacket, quick-drying polyester pants and proper boots, and there you go!

Marmot raincoat
Source: marmot.com

A good coat for hiking in the rain
Source: bushcraftandsurvival.tumblr.com

Protect your gear!

Take some precautions about your backpack, even if it’s water-repellent. For instance, you could line its interior with a garbage bag or a silicone liner. Pack your various items in waterproof cases or simple Ziploc bags to protect them from moisture. Also slip an ultra-absorbent microfibre towel inside your bag, never know!

Put that smile on!

Have a good attitude! It’s your best ally on rainy days. The grey sky will make you discover the fauna and the flora from a new angle. Odours tenfold, the possibility of seeing a rainbow, following the streams with your toddlers; dare to enjoy nature, even soaked! You may come back wet, but certainly pleased.

Whether solo, with family, friends or your lover, don’t let the rain stop your desire to hike! And you, what are your tricks to counter spring rainfalls?