Get a better fit for a better hike

May 31, 2016

Your winter boots have been replaced by your spring footwear, which is a good sign that the nice season is on its way! Indeed, snow finally made room for a dry, flawless ground, so now it’s the time to re-equip ourselves to get back into the swing of spring! And when we talk about quality equipment, we certainly talk about comfortable shoes. It’s the very basis.

You know all about that, but you’re going all over the place when it comes to choose THE right pair of hiking boots? We run to the rescue! First, you have to ask yourself a few key questions to make an informed choice:

  1. What kind of hiking will I practice? You’ll quickly realize that mountain climbing does not require the same shoes than easy hiking. Alpinism will require taller and stiffer boots while simple walking shoes will easily suit an easy trek. Between those two options, you’ll find footwear that is more or less robust, depending on the activity chosen.
  2. What’s my shoe size? It sounds like a silly question, but it remains nonetheless essential. Start by trying the boots on with the same socks you would wear when using this footwear. Then, make sure your toes are not squished at the tip and are able to move properly, but check that your heel doesn’t come loose on the sole – beware of blisters!
  3. Which material is appropriate? This point should relate to the question 1. In any case, some would prefer shoes made of leather, which are heavier and more expensive, while others will want synthetic materials for a maximum of softness, and cost savings! But you must know that you can even order tailor-made boots...

These suggestions are only a starting point, but they will certainly help you get shoes to fill! And you, what are you looking for in the perfect hiking boots?

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