Hiking under the stars

April 8, 2016

Have you ever thought of night hiking? Now that nights are getting warmer, it could be a beautiful way to rediscover your favourite outdoor activity! Indeed, many tourist sites offer night tours while ensuring that a walk in complete darkness is a remarkable experience – and they’re right.

Up there

Hiking under the starsAt the mountain tops, you will benefit from a spectacular, cloudless and starry sky, as well as the peace and quiet this atmosphere has to offer. The living nature will awake in a very different way; this is why you will probably have to change your habits and to look beyond traditional notions.

Some places also garnish their trails with decorative torches for an even more enchanting setting! This type of activity really makes room for imagination, for a return to the roots and the discovery of new sensations.

First, the equipment

Still, it remains important to be properly equipped, right? And the headlamp is certainly the key element to a night hike. But it isn’t just about seeing – it’s about being seen.

Reflective stripes affixed on clothes may be needed here. Also, it’s better to avoid walking along the edges of roads, for security reasons.

After that, consider getting a comfortable sleeping bag, who knows! You may love your adventure so much that you might wish to sleep under the open sky for a while…

Does your favourite mountain offer a night hiking path? Tell us about it!

Image source: Gilles Monney