Hiking with family

February 24, 2016

Snowshoeing with the familySchool break certainly means more time for activities with the family, and rightly so. It’s may be the last long period to enjoy must of your favourite winter sports. It’s also the perfect chance to spend some quality time with the kids. Have you thought of snowshoeing? This could be such a great idea! And here are some tips for you.

For all ages

Whether they are 2 or 12 years old, your kids surely can enjoy hiking during winter time. Of course, there are some security measures to follow. The golden rule: keep them comfortable! This is even more important when you carry your toddler in a baby carrier. As he can’t move, he’s more vulnerable to chilblains. So make sure to add a layer!

For children under 3, a baby carrier is probably the most suitable solution. However, some parents will choose the sledge. This could be fun, but don’t forget to consider the different peaks of the trail…

Hiking with kids

Almost everywhere

Beyond the age of 4 (yes, that young!), your kiddo is able to follow you through many different trails. Still, be vigilant (and playful!), your little one cannot always go at your pace. Nonetheless, a clearly-defined path is perfect for all the family members. Off these roads, that’s a different kettle of fish. While anything is possible, snowshoeing on loose snow requires more balance and body awareness. It’s better to wait until your child is 6 or 7 years old before you travelled down this road. In fact, it’s good to start with a short route, which has a beautiful view for example, or with a precise objective to pursue, such as the hot chocolate at the finishing line, why not!

Ready, set, go!

As the saying goes, better to have too much than too little. Indeed, a backpack filled with snacks, water, sunscreen (sun and snow don’t mix very well for a delicate skin), tissues, blanket, first aid kit… Make sure to pack everything you need! In this way, all that remains is to have fun, and have a nice school break!

Going snowshoeing with little kids

Image source: http://www.rockiesfamilyadventures.com/