Lac Beauport's 3 Sommets Mountain Climb

February 9, 2016

Randonneur: David Bourbonnière, Charlesbourg, QC

Hiking the 3 Sommets Mountain in Lac BeauportFor the last two years, I've been taking care of myself and got back in shape. I train hard, I run between 60 to 70 km a week and I did some Spartan Race. And since Quebec is a winter-country, I also run in the snow. My favourite trail si located at only 15 minutes from Downtown Quebec City and is accessible via centre de ski de fond Charlesbourg.

Climbing the Montagne des 3 Sommets (literally the 3 Peaks Mountain) is a 6.32 km hike that will certaintly get your calves burning! But with the enchanting view surrounding the trail, you'll forget about your calves pretty easily! It's a really great panorama right next to the city.

As this trail is constantly ascending, I don't recommend brigning little kids as they'll get tired way before reaching the top. It's perfect for teenagers, though! But my favourite hiking buddy is always my dog!

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The view at the top of 3 Sommets Lac BeauportDavid Bourbonnière, 3 Sommets Lac Beauport