Merino Wool: Why Choose It?

August 22, 2017

More and more popular, Merino wool is a fibre that comes from sheep bearing the same name. Originally from Spain, these sheep are covered with a coat that allows them to adapt to harsh climatic conditions. They remain warm during the cold winter months, and cool when the warm season comes.


It is clear that Merino wool offers all the attributes necessary for a good outerwear... That is certainly why it is so widely used nowadays in clothing manufacture, presenting all the characteristics appreciated by hikers. Let’s introduce you to some of its many benefits:

  • 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable fibre;
  • No itching, unlike conventional wool;
  • Good resistance to odours, thanks to its antibacterial properties;
  • Softness, suppleness and strength;
  • Very fast drying;
  • Thermal comfort regulation; can be worn both in winter and summer.

Did you know that some of our accessories are designed from this virtuous wool? Our 50% merino wool and polyester socks, for instance, will keep your feet warm during the cold season, and cool throughout the summer period. There is nothing better to enjoy long walks!