Spotlight on Quebec’s Highest Peak

May 24, 2017

If you were asked to name the highest peak in Quebec, would you have known? Snow-covered for most of the year, Mount D’Iberville offers the most dizzying steep slopes ever, and certainly represents a real challenge, even for expert adventurers. Let’s introduce you to the highest summit in Quebec: Mount D’Iberville.

Mount D'Iberville: the highest mountain in Quebec

Straddling the Quebec-Newfoundland and Labrador border, on the edge of Nunavik, Mount D’Iberville reaches an altitude of 1646 metres. It’s part of the Torngat Mountains, in the heart of Ungava Peninsula and the northern tip of Labrador. Torngat Mountains National Park was created in 2007, making it the youngest national park in Canada.

Mount-Torngat: the youngest national park in Canada

As its climate is dominated by alpine weather, Mount D’Iberville is one of the only sites in Quebec where mountaineers have the chance to look up a permanent and active glacier. Only the most seasoned climbers will go for it thought, because Mount D’Iberville is extremely full-bodied, thus very difficult to access. The Kuururjuaq National Park offers many other activities in order for you to explore its different ecosystems and unique features.

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