The great East Coast Trail

February 17, 2016

Ian Barrett, Petty Harbour, N-LHiker: Ian Barrett, Petty Harbour, N-L 

With approximately 50% of Newfoundland’s population, the Avalon Peninsula was named top coastal destination by National Geogrpahic. And I get the chance to hike the East Coast Trail both in winter and summer!

This long trail is developed on 265 kilometres along the coast and is divided in 24 paths along which whales and caribous can be observed. We pass through sea cliffs and deep fjords, as well as ecological reserves and even two active archaeological dig sites.

However, my favourite trail remains the Motion Path, located about 17 km from St-John’s. This is a pretty tough spot though with a solid elevation of 150 metres and a length of 13.5 km – it will take you about 7 or 9 hours. But it’s worth it, just to enjoy the view! The spectacular action of the waves on the Petty Harbour coast gave the name “Motion Path” to the trail. And by early summer, tons of blue irises decorate the path.

As of now, I have travelled about 70% of the entire East Coast Trail, and hopefully I’ll see the rest this year. Meanwhile, hope to see you there!

Hiking the Motion Path

Hiking in Petty Harbour