Winter Camping: The Essentials

January 24, 2017

Winter camping; have you always dreamed of trying it? In Quebec, no need to go very far to do this thriving activity. Whether it’s in your backyard, in a park or in the heart of wild nature, here are some tips to keep you warm, and to help you fully enjoy your adventure:

  • Don't go alone; ideally go camping with a well-experienced person, maybe not if the campsite is in your backyard…
  • Water is the key! Drink lots of it. Ideally one to two litres a day—it’s better to drink more often but in small quantities rather than waiting to feel thirsty. The same goes for food by the way. Basically, eat and drink constantly!
  • Be that well-equipped camper. A mummy-shaped sleeping bag, a good floor mat, a winter tent, a multilayered combination of clothing as well as warm and waterproof footwear, a compass and the perfect hiking backpack… All these accessories can really transform your experience into a magic one.
  • Know the site, check it out ahead of time, because you won't think of instruction manuals as it freezes outside. Learn how to set up your camp, prepare your meals and plan your journey before you go.

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Several locations in Quebec offer stays that are available year-round. And the snow which falls in most of them gives rise to breathtaking landscapes! If you’re already an avid winter camper, please share your tips and tricks!

Psst—using snowshoes is ideal for winter camping! It could even smooth the pathway. You would like to get guidance on purchasing the right pair for you or your family? Try our snowshoe selector!! You can also share your hiking activities with us on Instagram using hashtag #gvsnowshoes.