Winter sports pre-season

December 11, 2015

Well, we are still waiting for the scent of the first snow this year in Quebec… Fair enough, but we will not be sitting idle. Actually, a pre-season workout sounds perfect here, with or without snow! We will thus be preparing our winter sports season properly. It’s clearly necessary to start with good equipment and a suitable outfit, but it remains important to train the body as well before throwing it face first into winter outdoor activities. By doing so, injuries can be prevented, because we do not want to be confined in bed the entire season, right? It also ensures that you will start winter on the right foot by being already in shape, so you can fully benefit from your favourite sport!

Focus on strength

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it appears. All winter sports require some muscular endurance, so why not prepare ourselves a bit! For example, a good training plan - or a targeted weight-training program - may be a useful starting point. Whether at home or in a fitness class, there are several exercises which can improve your performance. When training, try to focus on the lower part of your body, as well as on shoulders and triceps for those who use hiking poles.

Now, come on!

Cardio training should not be overlooked. A pre-training that includes cardio activities will save you a lot of energy when you’ll go down that slope for the first time. It will also help you to tolerate the repetition of short and intense efforts, such as the large strides of snowshoeing. Remember to stretch yourself for a safe practice! Having said that, many options are available to you for a complete training plan: weights, elastic bands, fitness class… Choose something you enjoy doing! The goal is to stay active before you get into your favourite winter sport.

Maybe you have other ideas to prep yourself for the upcoming winter? Share it! The much-anticipated season will be more enjoyable if you’re starting it in shape and cheerfully! Have a blast!

Training before the winter season