Raquettes à neige ALASKAN
Raquettes à neige ALASKAN

The Alaskan model, also called Yukon, is characterized by its long and unique shape. It appears to be a happy blend of the Huron and Bear Paw models. It originated among the Indian nations of western Canada and the northern United States. It is used mainly for hunting during long periods of travel in open forests and plains. Its long streamlined tail helps maintain a straight trajectory. Very quiet and stable, its versatility makes it an ideal choice for long-distance hikes.

  • Frame made from Appalachian White Ash and webbing from rawhide
  • High-quality varnish to keep rawhide and frame in good condition
  • Binding sold separately
  • Also available in synthetic laces
$199.99 CAD

Features Sizes Complementary products
Code Dimensions in./cm Snowshoe weight lb/kg User weight – Off trail lb/kg
12 10” x 46” 75-150 lb. / 34-68 KG
12SY (synthetic) 10” x 46” 75-150 lb. / 34-68 KG
17B 10” x 56” 150 lb. + / 68 KG +
17BSY (synthetic) 10” x 56” 150 lb. + / 68 KG +
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