Raquettes à neige OJIBWE
Raquettes à neige OJIBWE

The name Ojibwe comes from one of the largest of the Native peoples of Canada that settled along the Great Lakes in Ontario, in western Canada and north-central United States. This highly aesthetic snowshoe is one of the oldest of traditional wooden snowshoes. Curiously, it resembles those used by the ancient peoples of Siberia, Greenland and Scandinavia many centuries ago. Its unique shape provides a great flotation in opened forest and field where there is a lot of snow. Its narrow and lifted nose, combined with its long narrow tail, are providing great gliding properties in downhill on hard snow. It might be the ancestor of the modern alpine ski. Quiet and stable, it is a good all-around snowshoe for long distance adventure.

  • Frame made from Appalachian White Ash and webbing from rawhide
  • High-quality varnish to keep rawhide and frame in good condition
  • Binding sold separately
  • Also available with synthetic laces
$255.99 CAD

Features Sizes Complementary products
Code Dimensions in./cm Snowshoe weight lb/kg User weight – Off trail lb/kg
30 10” x 48” 100-190 lb. / 45-86 KG
30SY (synthetic) 10” x 48” 100-190 lb. / 45-86 KG
27 11” x 54” 160 lb. + / 73 KG +
27SY (synthetic) 11” x 54” 160 lb. + / 73 KG +
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