Cross-border hiking routes

July 20, 2016

Border crossings certainly provide the most beautiful destinations for hiking trips in the southeast of Quebec. Located in the Eastern Townships, cross-border hiking paths include about twenty sectors totalling approximately a hundred kilometres of hiking trails, but, more acutely, they contain precious biodiversity and a remarkably unspoilt nature.

By foot or on snowshoes, in summer or winter, cross-border hikes are worth talking about. Furthermore, isn’t it an undoubtedly unique experience in itself to step onto land boundaries with trekking boots? Here are two mountains for you...

Mount Gosford

Only 3 km from the state of Maine, Mount Gosford definitely worth the trip. One of the highest summits of Quebec – with its 1,193 m of altitude – it has nearly 40 km of trails, and almost all outdoor activities are more than welcome! The view is simply breathtaking.

Hiking in Mount Gosford

Montagne de Marbre

Just a few meters from the land borders between Canada and the United States, still in the Eastern Townships, the Marble Mountain gives you the chance to literally walk on the border. Bring your passport! The scenery is splendid, and this is the right place for long distances enthusiasts.

Hiking at Montagne de Marbre

Cross-border paths are a destination of choice for hiking in Quebec. But needless to say that our beautiful region is full of enchanting sites! What are your favourites?
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