Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Your Hiking Shoes

March 28, 2017

Spring hiking is so nice! – But so messy. There’s a reason why our American neighbours like to call the next season the Mud Season. Mud, slush, melted snow and all the dirt that may be found in it are the fate of many trails in Quebec at this time of year. Moreover, some sites do not hesitate to completely close their tracks during poor spring conditions, particularly to protect the trails from erosion.

You’re a hiking enthusiast and there is no question for you to stay locked this spring? Fortunately, we have found some tips and tricks to clean your shoes, or hiking boots, in order to keep them in good condition for as long as possible, and allow you to enjoy your favourite trails all year round, of course! So here’s one less thing to worry about when you’re spring hiking:

  • Remove the laces and soles from your shoes, then let them dry in the open air;
  • If your boots become wet and covered with mud, clean them immediately after use by rinsing them under tap water using a soft bristle brush;
  • Avoid dryer, chimney fire or direct sunlight, as well as any cleaners;
  • When your shoes have dried up completely, you can treat them with a specialized product to revive their ability to repel water.

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Do you have any other advice? Share it with us! In the meantime, we wish your shoes nice and long hikes!

Psst – gaiters can also be very useful when trekking on a soaked trail!